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How to play Houdini slot

houdini logoWith its jackpot of up to £80,000, auto spins and 2 (YES, 2!) bonus games it’s easy to see why Houdini slot is one of the internet’s most popular online slot machines. Thankfully it is not a complex one. The majority of the games features are extremely similar to many other slots you will have played online; hitting free scatter symbols will put you into the scatter bonus game, a wild symbol can assume the role of any symbol except the scatter or bonus and so on.

Where to play Houdini Slots

There are some great sites on the web where players can go to enjoy the Houdini slot machine.  The following are our favourites and you will also find information on what each offers when you sign up and deposit:


Caesars Casino – £1000 Free (200% Bonus!)


Heart Bingo – Up to £50 Free

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JackpotJoy – 200% up to £200 Free

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Why Play Houdini?


What sets the Houdini slot apart is its dynamic, engaging and generally entertaining bonus rounds. The first bonus game is (from our experience) the most common. The object of this particular game is to help Houdini escape by finding the key to his shackles, which has been placed in a box. You’ll be presented with a number of boxes at various stages throughout the act, from which you will need to click on one to be opened. The majority of the time you will find a prize which is usually a cash value that is added to your winnings, but you could also find the key that frees Houdini which will advance you to the next age of his act where the stakes are raised. Alternatively you could also find a collect symbol which will bring the bonus round to an end and send your winnings to your account.

houdini screen

The second bonus game revolves around balloons and knives, which is an interesting combination. Nonetheless, you will see three balloons on your screen which need to be popped by way of (you guessed it!) throwing knives at them! The balloons will either contain a monkey, a cash prize or a collect symbol, each providing a different outcome. A cash prize will obviously add the cash value to your balance, the collect symbol will bring  the round to an end just as it did in the previous bonus game when you had to help Houdini escape and finally, there is the monkey. You’re just gonna have to trust us on this one, don’t touch the monkey!